Description of Individual show acts 

Saloon Scene
This is our opening number, and sets the tone for the wild west excitement the rest of the show brings! In the old west, the town saloon was always the hot spot for anyone wanting to have a good time and blow off some steam. There was music, dancing, drinks, cowboys and pretty girls, and when you put all these together, there's bound to be some hair-raising, fist-flying excitement!
Cloud Swing
The ultimate display of death defying beauty! The lovely Aurelia Wallenda Zoppe, performs breathtaking maneuvers while swinging on a rope 30 feet above the ground! No safety nets..........just a young lady who comes from 7 generations of legendary circus performers! 

Square Dance
One of the most popular western dances, and always a favorite when cowboys and cowgirls get together after a hard week on the trail. Have you ever seen horses allemande and do-si-do? We add our own special "Frontier twist" and do our square dance on horseback! 

Roman Riding
An amazing demonstration of balance and control, while standing on top of a team of horses. Our Roman Rider can usually be seen at his own show in Las Vegas called, "Gladius, the show." You can see him perform in "Frontier," as he rides atop a team of 6 giant draft horses, August 2nd through 24th at the Michiana Event Center. 

Trick Riding
High speed, high energy acrobatics performed on horseback at a full gallop! Always a crowd favorite, our highly skilled trick riders will have you holding your breath on the edge of your seat, wondering, "how crazy do you have to be to try something like that?!" 

A garrocha pole is a 12 to 14 foot pole, originally used by Spanish vaqueros (cowboys) to move cattle around, rather than using ropes. This is actually where the term "cow poke" came from.
Today, Garrocha has become a demonstration of skill, much like reining, or dressage, with an accomplished rider, an extremely well trained horse, and graceful dancers all working together to create a living, majestic piece of art! 

Go Gaucho
Sebastian and Amberlyn Sayago, our husband and wife gaucho folk dancers are some of the best in the world! While Amberlyn is originally from Boston, Sebastian hails from Argentina, and won the title of national champion of Malambo in 2013!
Their amazing skills with the boleadoras.....on the drums......and dancing took a lifetime to perfect, and when you see them, you'll understand why they are always a crowd favorite! 

Saloon Scene
This is our opening number, and sets the tone for the wild west excitement the rest of the show brings!  In the old west, the town saloon was always the hot spot for anyone wanting to have a good time and blow off some steam. There was music, dancing, drinks, cowboys and pretty girls, and when you put all these together, there's bound to be some hair-raising, fist-flying excitement! 

Trick Roping/Whips
Who would have ever thought one of the best trick roping cowboys in the world would be from The Bronx, NY?!
AJ Silver is quite possibly the most polished trick roper and whip artist in the world, and his skills have literally taken him all over the world!
AJ is a master of ropes, whips, boleadoras and much more! We are thrilled that he is a featured performer in Frontier! 

Liberty Act
The Liberty act is perhaps the ultimate testament to the true nature of horses, and the incredible bond they have with their human companions! A bond that reaches far beyond any physical bonds typically used to control a horse, such as a bridle, halter, ropes or reins. These horses are free to run about and do whatever they choose, yet the nature of a horse that is so willing to please the human they love, keeps them attentive and obedient to everything asked of them. This act will stir your emotions like none other! 

Cowboy Mounted Shooting
In the old west, a cowboy's survival depended on how skilled they were with a gun. Whether it was hunting for food, or fending off cattle rustlers. If a cowboy wasn't handy with a firearm, he went hungry......or worse!
Quite often, any shooting that had to be done, was done on horseback, while, either chasing a possible meal, or being chased by someone, who, you hoped was not a very good shot! "Frontier," features a dazzling exhibition of marksmanship from Ezra Yoder, one of today's top cowboy mounted shooters! 

Ranch Scene
Many of today's rodeo events started on ranches as cowboys were always trying to outdo one another. Well, this scene features riding, roping, herding cattle and lots of celebrating, but things take an unexpected turn as the battle for bragging rights becomes a competition between the men and the women! You'll have to come see for yourself who ends up on top once the dust has settled! 

Single Point Aerial Harness
Ever wanted to "fly through the air with the greatest of ease?" Our single point aerial routine is a moment of sheer beauty and grace! Chelsi Warren dances on the ground with the beauty of an Angel, and soars through the air with the elegance of an eagle! You will be enthralled by this story told through dance and flight! 

Our comedy will have the whole family laughing out loud as Mark Lyon hilariously tries to prove to his wife, Miranda that his trained cow can perform any trick or maneuver that her beautiful, well trained horse can do. 

Patriotic Finale
The conclusion of the show will leave a lasting impression in your hearts and tear of pride in your eye for our great country!
We bring out the entire cast of horses, cowboys and cowgirls one last time to honor those brave men and women that make us the greatest nation on earth! 


Angelo Iodice - AKA: AJ Silver – Bronx, NY…….Undoubtedly one of the top trick ropers…….ever!  Bold statement, but once you see him, you’ll agree! One of the few Americans to ever perform in Russia’s Red Square in Moscow, his unmatched skills have literally taken him all over the world!

Karla June Switzer – This newlywed from Augusta, Kansas now lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is the owner and trainer at KR Horsemanship.  She is known for her rescue horses, including “Mouse” which she bought from a kill shelter in Kansas for $10. Today, her and “Mouse” spend their time sharing with people a true “out of the ashes” story and touching hearts everywhere they go!

  • Aurelia Walenda Zoppe – The 7th generation of circus performers on both sides of her family, including the legendary Flying Walendas!  Her breathtaking aerial skills will be the standard by which you judge all aerial performers from here on out.

  • Jeremiah Eugenio – Jeremiah has a background in gymnastics, dance, and as a magician.  He also just recently earned the title of 2019 National Trick Riding Champion!  

  • Ezra Yoder –  From Wooster, OH….Ezra started riding at 19, and taught himself as well as his horse in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting!  Now 25, he is not only competing successfully, but also bridleless on a national level. He placed 2nd in his class at the National M2 Regional Championship!

  • Chelsi Warren – From Forsyth, MO….Aside from growing up showing horses and performing as a horseback rider, Chelsi’s background includes dancing and gymnastics, which helped her transition into an incredible aerial performer as well.  

The Cast of “Gladeus the Show”

  • Eric, Lisa and Nicole are the producers and directors of their own hit show on the Las Vegas strip called “Gladeus the Show.”  We are thrilled to have them as part of “Frontier.”

  • Go Gaucho

    • Sebastian Sayago – Originally from Argentina, Sebastian became an accomplished Gaucho dancer, and expert with the boleadoras as a young child performing with his family.  He won the coveted title of Argentine National champion of Malambo in 2013.  

    • Amberlyn Sayago – From Boston, MA……..Amberlyn is a top professional dancer and choreographer who has traveled the world performing in theaters and cruise ships, where she met her husband Sebastian.  They currently reside in Sevierville, TN.

  • Chance Danison – This 25 year old cowboy from Groveport, OH went to Weatherford College in Texas on a rodeo scholarship.  Aside from being the real deal as a cowboy, Chance is also working hard on a music career as a singer/songwriter.

  • Shelby Clift – This 24 year old Marshfield, MO native began singing at a young age and never looked back.  She is now living her dream as a professional vocalist and trick rider, performing across the country.

  • Mark and Miranda Lyon – Mark is originally from Lincoln, NE, and Miranda grew up in Rogersville, Missouri, but they now reside in Whitesboro, Texas, where they work full time managing Lyon Ranch Horses and M&M Horsemanship!  Not only is this the most genuine husband and wife Cowboy/Cowgirl team you’ll ever meet, they have also competed together in ballroom dancing competitions. These two are the real deal, and a welcome addition to “Frontier!”