It was just last year that, for the first time ever, I heard about a cozy little community known as Shipshewana, Indiana. I was asked to host a show at the Michiana Event Center July 3rd and 4th, so it was less than a year ago that I initially experienced this hidden gem in the heart of Amish country.

My family and I instantly fell in love with Shipshewana and it's residents!

For nearly 20 years I rode horses and hosted "Dolly Parton's Stampede." Of course, when I was there it was known as The Dixie Stampede, but apparently "Dixie" is the new "D" word, so I'll try to steer clear. After that, I sang and hosted at the Smoky Mountain Opry in Pigeon Forge, TN for 3 years. This path has transformed to the point that I am now producing shows with a company called Legacy Family Entertainment formed with partners Jeff and Jennifer Gatrel from Cowgill, Missouri. This brings me, in a very roundabout way, to the point I've been trying to make all along. We are putting on a show in Shipshewana at the Michiana Event Center in August that I am beyond excited about. It's called "Shipshewana's Majestic Frontier," and it is the ultimate wild west experience! The show runs from August 2nd through the 24th with shows nightly at 7:00 except for Thursday and Sunday.  We also have a matinee on Saturday afternoons starting at 2:00 PM.We have hired some of the nation's top performers for this show and I haven't been this excited about a project in a long time! Shipshewana is already home to some great shows and entertainment, but I feel that "Frontier" will usher in a new era of entertainment in this one of a kind community! Aside from our main show one of the many elements that set this show apart is our "ALL KIDS PRESHOW!"

30 minutes prior to showtime, we have a group of extremely adorable and talented children that will steal your heart and amaze you with their talents!! Okay, I may be a bit biased since one of these children is my own son!

Here's a little information on a few of these talented tots to help you get to know our child stars better



AGE: 8
HOMETOWN: Cowgill, Missouri
SKILLS: Trick Rider, Aerialist, Contortionist , Actor (Maddy’s Mom worked for years as a professional trick rider and now produces shows.)
HOBBIES AND OTHER ACTIVITIES: Art, working cattle and getting as muddy as possible! (her Dad’s nickname for her is “Muddy.”)
FAVORITE FOOD: Steak.....she is a true cattle ranchers daughter!
TAG LINE: "Equal parts sunshine and sass!"


AGE: 5
HOMETOWN: Sevierville, Tennessee
SKILLS: Singing, Riding, Comedy
HOBBIES AND OTHER ACTIVITIES: Loves playing baseball, fishing, Legos and making people laugh!
LIFE GOAL: Marry Maddy!


Tyler Acree

Age: 10
HOMETOWN: Polo, Missouri
SKILLS: Trick Riding and Comedy
**Tyler learned to trick ride from Jennifer Gatrel, one of our Legacy partners **
HOBBIES AND OTHER ACTIVITIES: Tyler loves baseball and video games
OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Tyler was the North American trick riding champion, and qualified for the Jr. Bareback Riding Championship in Las Vegas

Aurelia Wallenda-Zoppé

Aurelia Wallenda-Zoppé is a seventh-generation circus performer and part of the Flying Wallenda family.

starting her career on the high wire at the age 4, Aurelia has since enhanced her repertoire to include bareback riding, acrobatics, flying trapeze, aerial web, Russian bar, and unicycle. She has been featured on many circuses as she performs her breath-taking cloudswing.

in 2008m she traversed the Hahn River over the city of Seoul, Kora. A height of some 65 feet and the amazing distance of 1-kilometer!

In 2011, over the city of Johannesburg in South Africa, Aurelia along with sister Alida, brother Alex, and Father Tino performed a 4 person skywalk. The 4 Wallendas balanced their way across two buildings at the height of 150ft. all at the same time.

Aurelia continues to travel the U.S. performing with her son and husband.